1) 场景或背景信息,即题目中出现的phenomenon。
      3) 个人观点,这一部分在有些文章的开首段中也可以不要。


      At present, it is hard for college students to find jobs. Many people claim that college teachers should give priority to practical courses like computer science and business over such traditional ones as history and geography. To what extent do you agree?
      → The number of college graduates is surging while a substantial proportion of them have difficulties in finding employment after their graduation. Numerous people blame this on the university education and believe that more emphasis should be laid on practical courses such as computer science and business than on traditional courses like history and geography. 其后再加考生自己的观点即可。

      International tourism has become a big industry in the world. Do the benefits outweigh the problems?
      →Prior to the early 1900s, the proportion of people traveling abroad was considerably low and the majority of them preferred domestic travel. However, the advent of the motorized flight has greatly changed our life and it makes international traveling more convenient. International tourism is gaining momentum and has become a big industry. 其后加入考生个人观点即可。

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